Who we are

We are a Digital Agency based on WordPress websites to make your online presence comparatively affordable.

Noor Mohammad Sagor is the founder of the Agency, and has been involved in web design for over 4 years. Noor acts as the point person for most engagements, helping customers identify needs, generate strategy, and manage their projects.
We comprises 3 amazing individuals, classically trained in website development and design, including 2 developers, well-versed in PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, and other innovative languages/technologies. They are incredibly talented, and can create anything that is technically possible with the current technology of the Internet. We also have a full-time designer who works directly with our clients to realize their visions.

We are unique because we has a small team, but can fulfill major projects because of our scalable system. We have a core team of 4 individuals, but work with so many independent contractors (IC) with expertise in specific aspects of design and development throughout your project. This can include custom plugin creation, copywriting services, On Page SEO, Off page SEO, and more. These independent contractors augment our team’s abilities, and allow us to create incredible projects, quickly and efficiently.

Noor Mohammad Sagor

We are expert at creating cost effective, high converting, and good looking websites with the world's most popular and flexible WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

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